Chizuko Uchiyama

内山 智津子
Uchiyama2 /

 Chizuko Uchiyma is a young woman
ceramist. She trained the ceramic art
in Tokoname. She has many
technologies and senses of ceramic.
She make pottery into various kinds
of teapots for a short term.
She made all things that are here.

 Chi-3 ¥8,500 250cc    

Cup Chi-12 \2,500 240cc 7.5/H5.5cm

 Pot Chi-16 ¥9,500 820cc

焼き締め 変わり形(手) Experimental form
 Chi-5 ¥9,000 250cc  

 Chi-25 ¥9,000 420cc    Chi-28 ¥8,500 430cc

 Chi-30 ¥2,500 8.5/H7.5  湯さまし Chi-31 ¥3,200 230cc 湯さまし Chi-42 ¥3,200 110cc  

 Chi-33 ¥2,300 5.5/H4.5  Chi-34 ¥3,500 8.8/H5.5 皿12.5cm

湯さまし Chi-35 ¥3,200 220cc    湯さまし Chi-36 ¥4,000 250cc    Cup Chi-37 ¥3,700 220cc