gTokonameh@@@@Handmade@uCraftsman Workv

Potter's wheel Dryness Shaving Polish Sculpture Burned Polishes CompletionAbbreviation 15 days

Excellent piece of the craftsman who made history

The teapot of Tokoname ware has very many kinds.
.There are also very many techniques and materials.

#1001 \7500
Syoryu@Wild chrysanthemum@gBlack clayh

Red tea pot buries and burns to
sawdust or chaff.
The carbon of chaff and sawdust adheres
to the surface.A teapot becomes black.
#1002 \7500 320cc
Syoryu@Yellow cherry tree

The china similar to porcelain

Syoryu other product
#1003 \7500 300cc
Technique name gThe skin of a pineh

The surface is processed
with clay like the skin of a pine.

#1004 \5400 250cc
Gyokuko@The flower of@Fuji
A thin line@
Change of the half of pottery

The portion buried to sawdust
becomes black.
#1005 \7500 250cc
Syoryu@A flower like a cherry tree
#1006 \5100 320cc

It shaves off flying the surface
of a teapot using a tool.
#1007 \7500 270cc
Syoryu@Cherry tree
#1008 \5400 220cc

The china similar to porcelain
#1009 \15000 230cc
Zinsyuu The whole camellia engraving
A clayey china

Ginshu other product
#1010 \7800
Yuusen @Knead lump

The clay of 3 to 5 colors
is kneaded together.

Yuusn other product
#1011 \9000 340cc
Yuusen @Knead lump
gMeshes-of-a-net cuth

A cut like fine meshes of
a net by hand is attached
#1012 \9000
Yuusen @Knead lump
Diagram cut

Cutting soft clay finely
needs to be become skillful.

Five parts of a teapot
Parts are pasted up with clay
homogeneous as a teapot.


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