The techniques of uTOKONAMEv TEA POT
The teapot of Tokoname ware has not required glaze.

Soil which contains a lot of iron
Filter out impurities
over and over
It grinds finely by Mill.
Strengthen the the clay let the air out of a clay It kneads in a form like a
chrysanthemum. (air out)

A spout
A grip The size of a lid is united.
The first form
A cut end is made consistent
with the angle of a body
Running dry is improved.
A spout and body are pasted up
with homogeneous clay.
Sculpture of an arabesque design It sculptures with a sword.

The calcination method
Red clay is an oxidization bake.
A red teapot is burned in sawdust.
Carbon adheres to the surface of
teapot and a teapot becomes black.
Thin brown is at a somewhat low
temperature which carries out
reduction baking.

It grinds and unites.
The same direction , the same size
The hole of filter is made by hand.
A teapot pastes up five parts.
Before burning, it polishes with cloth.