Yixing tea pot.Cheap price seven years ago.Made in Yixing of China
Yixing tea pot
Our company stocked a lot of Yixing teapots about 2004.
The price is the one in those days(2004).

Japanese yen
CGC-14 \6000 120cc
Chinese tea things

CGC-55 \1500 400cc CGC-30 \2500 160cc CGC-34 \2000 150cc

CGC-47 \2000 160cc CGC-17 \1800 150cc
CGC-41 \2000 140cc CGC-44 \2000 140cc CGC-22 \2300 130cc
CGC-58 \1500 160cc CGC25 \1800 130cc CGC-10 \1500 100cc
CGC-39 \2600 180cc CGC-24 \3000 120cc CGC-50 \1800 230cc